Friday, October 7, 20167:44 PM(View: 3995)
I apologize for the late update; I've had 3 fairly significant tests in the course of 3 days. Today I'll be mentioning what a witness should do when faced with unsightly actions. Earlier today, right after I finished my geography test, I found an article on the News app, this is it: A young, colored, mother of three was shot dead in full view of her children. Nobody called in to give tips, even with the $2,500 minimum reward. None of those at the playground were willing to say anything. This is most probably because Jessica White was a struggling black woman, living in one of the less reputable neighborhoods, but why did nobody else call in? Her 3, 5, and 9-year-old babies saw their mother shot to death in front of them and I can only find 3 articles on the crime. Two days after she was killed, the detective found a video showing the perpetrator resting his bare hands on an S.U.V., but by then the fingerprints were smudged or covered by any number of other prints. Let this be a lesson, fi you happen to see something terrible happening, tell someone as soon as possible. Wait long enough and it'll be too late.
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