Listen to what people say

Wednesday, September 28, 20166:33 PM(View: 4883)
Listen to what people say
The good thing is, I don't have many first-hand experiences with bullying. The bad thing is that means not enough stories to sustain this page for very long. There's not much doubt that it'll devolve into just the daily happenings of my life that I think are worth sharing. 
Last Thursday, I was looking at the top news stories for something to discuss in World Geo. What I found was shocking. A man, Gregory Green, who had previously stabbed his pregnant wife to death, called 911 stating that he had killed 4 children, the smallest two of which he fathered. His second wife, Faith Green, mother of all 4, had been shot and stabbed as well but is stable and will probably survive. They married in 2010; she filed for a divorce in 2013 but was dismissed. Later that year she tried asking for protection and was denied. Mrs. Green tried to file for a divorce again in August but was brushed off for the last time. This is a real story that can be found here: It is not unique in that the victim asks for help and is ignored. Please, if someone comes to you asking for help, don't discount what they're saying as lies. No one deserves to go through life thinking they aren't worthy of help.
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