A little serious, a little personal

Wednesday, September 21, 20168:53 PM(View: 3695)
A little serious, a little personal
I don't have any more stories of my own to discuss; my awareness really only spans about 11 years and even those are half forgotten. I suppose I could talk about some stories I've heard from my World Geography teacher. This particular story might cross over into Joy's topic, cliques, though.
Everyday we go over the current news. Yesterday was the drive-by shooting that killed a marine one his way back from pizza. She once had a student, his brother was supposedly involved in a gang. She was concerned because he started showing interest in guns, and, one day, she found out via Facebook that he had been shot and killed on the way home from a party. Perhaps it was just because he was in the car with the target, perhaps he was the target. Nevertheless, we all learned that the company you keep impacts your life. Be sure to look and think, do I want to hang out with these kinds of people? Hopefully the answer is yes.
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