What is bullying?

10 Tháng Tám 201611:30 SA(Xem: 4255)
What is bullying?
What is bullying? Many types of bullying are well known such as physical injury, verbal attacks, and ostracization(isolation). However, some things that friends do on a day to day basis can also be considered bullying. If you aren't sure, you can ask yourself these questions: is the 'teasing' going around your circle hurting anyone? Is anyone feeling purposely left out? Are some people excessively violent? If so, it can be considered bullying. Think of yourself and the people around you, and try to prevent these kinds of things from happening.
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21 Tháng Chín 201610:36 SA
To prevent builying, you should comfident and stronger.
09 Tháng Chín 20167:26 SA
Very good question ?
Builying could be happen in every wthere, in every team, group, orgnization, company, national & global.
There are many way to settle builying or prevent these kinds happen, but the best way is smart way.
09 Tháng Chín 20164:45 SA
Thank you for bring this topic up. I see things like that happen everyday at work, at my son's class, and even at his Boy Scout troop. Mostly are verbal attacks.
For example, kids who join the troop for a long time bullied a new troop member because he is new and knows nothing about it.
I hope you can help the others around you avoid this kind of thing happen.
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