Scouting For Food 2015

Saturday, October 17, 20159:43 AM(View: 4120)
Scouting For Food 2015
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Phong Nhã

"Hello Scout Leaders!

  My name is Sarah Witty and I'm your District Chair for Scouting For Food. I have had the privilege to get to meet some of you through out the last few years that I've been involved in Scouting with my son. This year I was asked to help out with this wonderful Good Turn tradition that started in 1988, Scouting For Food.
Scouting For Food is a nation wide food drive that Scouts (Girl, Cub, Boy, Team & Crew) all participate in. Please take time to collect non-perishable food items with your Scouts this year. Lets help feed thousands of hungry people right here in Orange County.

  Here are some tips for collecting and dates for Scouting For Food.

*Scouting For Food Is November 7th, 2015 (7:30am - 3:30pm)

*El Capitan District Drop Off Site: LDS Church 10212 Stanford Ave. Garden Grove CA 92840 (same location as our monthly Roundtable meetings) The Second Harvest Food Bank collection truck will be parked and ready for your donations"
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