"Short History of the Vietnamese Scout Movement - Lược Sử Phong Trào Hướng Đạo Việt Nam"

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"Short History of the Vietnamese Scout Movement - Lược Sử Phong Trào Hướng Đạo Việt Nam"




General Information:


The Boy Scout Association of Viet Nam has a long and proud history. For many years the Scouts have been training young men in idealism, leadership and  Scoutcraft; and their training was so effective that many of the positions of highest responsibility in Viet Nam are filled by former Scouts.

A look at the organization and program of Hướng Đạo Việt Nam will reveal many differences between Vietnammese and American in term of operating methods of operating a Scout program. The Vietnamese movement is characterized by straight and single chains of command, complete control of the program by Scout officials, and the opportunities of great responsibility and authority to leaders at all levels. The small units—Den, Patrol, or Crew—are given more emphasis than those in the US Boy Scouts, even in the Cubs; and the boys’ leaders of this unit bear great responsibility. Much of the program will be familiar to the BSA; but there are sufficient differences between the two that make valuable an explanation of the Vietnamese method.


The Vietnamese Scout Movement passed through Six distinct periods in the course of its development:


1/ Period of Initial Organization (1928-1935)


--1928, the first troops were organized in the Albert Sarraut High School in Hanoi, and Chasseloup Laubat in Saigon, by some French teachers. Because of the lack of trained leaders and of a thorough understanding of Scouting principles, most of the troops organized during this period were short-lived.

-- 1930, Mr. Trần Văn Khắc, Tạ Văn Giục, Võ An Ninh and Nguyễn Văn Chính organized the first Đồng Tử Quân (Boys Troup) named Lê Lợi, under the Section of Scouting and Sporting propaganda of the Hanoi School Physical Education with the support of Engineer Nguyễn Lễ, head of the School.

-- 1931, Mr. Hoàng Đạo Thúy joined in and organized another troop, then the name of Đồng Tử Quân changed to Hướng Đạo Đoàn (Boy Scouts troop) in 1933.

-- 1932, Mr.Trần Văn Khắc moved to Saigon (South of Viet Nam). He cooperated with Mr.Trần Văn Khá, Huỳnh Văn Diệp, Lương Thái, Nguyễn Văn Chấn and Trần Coln to organize the Tổng Cuộc Hướng Đạo Nam Kỳ (Scout

Federation of Cochichine)

-- 1934, Trần Văn Khắc led a Vietnamese Scout delegation to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, for the investiture of Prince Norodom Monireth. The Cambodia Boy Scouts Association was created this year.

-- 1935, The Notable Trần Bá Vị, Professors Võ Thành Minh and Trần Điền organized Hội Hướng Đạo Trung Kỳ (The Annam Boy Scouts Association) in Huế City.

-- Mr. Trần Văn Khắc organized Trại Họp Bạn Huynh Đệ (The Fraternity Jamboree) at the Mayer football ground in Saigon. There were 6 delegations participating: The Tonkin Boy Scouts, the Annam Boy Scouts, The Scout Federation of Cochinchine, The Scouts of France, The Scouts of Cambodia and the Scouts of China. Number of  participants reached 500 members.

-- 1935,The Federation of French Scouting sent Mr. André Lefèvre, General Commissioner of the Eclaireurs de France association to visit Viet Nam. He organized a Training course for Vietnamese leaders in the Dakao Football ground in Saigon. Most of  key Leaders such as Trần Văn Khắc, Hoàng Đạo Thúy, Võ Thành Minh, Trần Điền, Cung Giũ Nguyên, Huỳnh Văn Diệp … attended this course.


2/ Period of Strongest Development (1936-1944)


--1936, A Training Course took place in Dalat for Indochina Scout Leaders from August 03 to 14. Camp Chief: Raoul Serene. Trainers: Niedrist, Bernard, Hoàng

Đạo Thúy, Trần Văn Khắc, Georges Lefas. 68 scouters attended.

--1937, Liên Hội Hướng Đạo Đông Dương (The Indochina Scout Federation) was established in Hanoi, Headquarters located in Hue City, with Board, Committee and Secretaria:  

-Permanent Delegate: André Consigny

-Assistant Permanent Delegate: Raoul Serene

-General Secretary: Võ Thanh Minh

-General Commissioner of  HĐ Bắc Kỳ (The Tonkin Boy Scouts Association): Bernard & Hoàng Đạo Thúy

-General Commissioner of  HĐ Trung Kỳ (The Annam Boy Scouts Association): Niedrist & Võ Thanh Minh

-General Commissioner of HĐ Nam Kỳ (The Scout Federation of Cochinchine): Pierre Huet & Trần Văn Khắc

-General Commissioner of the Laos Scout Association:   Tieo Sac & Lê Văn Lương

-General Commisionner of the Cambodian Scout Association: Touc Sao & Top In.

After becoming General Secretary of Indochina Scout Federation, Võ Thành Minh  assigned Professor Tạ Quang Bửu as the Genreal Commissioner of the Annam Scout Association.

 --With the help of  Emperor Bảo Đại, a Training camp was established in the mountain of Bạch Mã to serve all Scout leaders in Indochina under the leadership of  two Deputy Camp Chiefs:

--1937-1942: DCC Raymond Schlemmer, a retired French Naval Colonel.

--1942-1945: DCC Tạ Quang Bửu, a mathematics teacher.

-- 1940: National Jamboree was organized in Rừng Sặt, Bắc Ninh, to celebrate 10 years of Scouting. Camp chief: Hoàng Đạo Thúy. There were 1,500 participants.

-- 1941,  1st Indochina Federal Scout Jamboree was organized in the mount of Quảng Tế, near Huế City. Camp Chief: Tạ Quang Bửu. There were 3,000 participants. Emperor Bảo Đại visited the Campsite and presided the Jamboree parade.

-- A Scout Leaders Conference took place at The Quốc Tử Giám School in the Citadel of Capital Huế.

-- 1942, DCC Raymond Schelemmer retired, DCC Tạ Quang Bửu succeeded.

-- A Rover moot was organized in Trường Yên, Hoa Lư, Province of Ninh Bình, Camp Chief: Hoàng Đạo Thúy, 435 participants.

-- 1944, Two Rover Moots were organized in Qua Châu (Thanh Hóa) with 400 participants and Bảy Miếu Island (Nha Trang) with 150 participants in 3 days at the same times (13-14-15 August 1944).

This is the prosperous period of the Viet Nam Boy Scouts movement.  Registered members reached 30,000.


3/ The period of Cessation of activity (1945-1950)


-- In March 1945, Japanese army toppled the French Colonial Government. The Federation Scout dissolved. Emperor Bảo Đại abdicated. The Viet Minh Government was established in August 1945 in Hanoi, the three Associations emerged into one, The Hướng Đạo Việt Nam Scout Association was established, but the war between the Vietnamese and French effectively precluded Scouting activity.


4/ The Period of Re-establishment (1950-1954)


-- 1951, During Christmas Holidays, Leaders of three regions met in 86 Hàng Trống St. Hanoi and  elected Mr. Vũ Văn Hoan as General Commissioner and Mr. Trần Văn Thân as President of Hội Hướng Đạo Việt Nam.

-- 1952, The National Leader Conference took place in the citadel Hue, elected Mr. Tôn Thất Dương Vân as General Commissioner and Professor Lâm Toại as President.

--1953, The National Government recognized Hội Hướng Đạo Việt Nam (the Viet Nam Boy Scouts Association) by  decree No 236/ND/TN dated at April 2nd.

-- An Indaba took place in Tung Nguyen, Dalat. Theme: “Imlalapanzi.” Camp Chief: Professor Tran Dien in 7 days. 150 Scouters presented.

-- 1954, The Geneva conference divided Viet Nam into two nations at the 17 parallel, (Bến Hải River).   Members of the Viet Nam Boy Scouts Association was also divided into two. Many North Viemamese Scouts abandoned their houses and fled to the South Viet Nam with their families. Those who stayed in the North gave up Scouting.


5/ Period of Revival (1957-1975)


-- 1957, Viet Nam Boy Scouts Association (Hội Hướng Đạo Việt Nam) was recognized by the World Organization of the Scout Movement as Member No 56th.

-- 1958, The Tùng Nguyên Training Camp was established in Đalat city, under the leadership of these Deputy Camp Chiefs:

1958-1963: DCC Cung Giũ Nguyên

1965-1966: DCC Trần Điền

1967-1967: DCC Mai Liệu

1967-1973: DCC Lê Mộng Ngọ

1973-1975: DCC Mai Liệu


-- 1959, A National Jamboree took place in Trảng Bom National Park, province of Biên Hòa, to celebrate 30 years of Scouting. Theme: Phục Hưng (Spring Up Again) Camp Chief: Phan Như Ngân. There are more than 2000 Scouts and 4 delegations of  Boy Scouts of America, Scouts of China, Scouts of Cambodia, Scouts of France took part. Vice President Nguyễn Ngọc Thơ presided the opening ceremony, and reviewed the Jamboree parade.

-- Two Vietnamese Scout troups attended the Tenth World Scout Jamboree in Makiling, Laguna, Philippines. There were 12,300 Scouts from 44 countries present.

-- 1964, A Rover Moot took place in Mỹ Khê, Đà-Nẵng, for drafting the Rover Program and building houses for  refugees from Communism. Camp chief: Trần Điền. Workshop leader: Tôn Thất Hy. There were 300 Rovers and Rover leaders participated.

-- 1965, A National Leader Conference took place in Gia Định, Saigon. Revising the 1st Scout promise. Professor Trần Điền recommanded and started Ngành Kha (The Senior Scout section).

-- 1966,  A Châu Trường Sơn Regional Jamboree was held in Biển Hồ (Great Lake) Pleiku. Camp chief: Tôn Thất Hy. More than 800 participants came from Bảo Lộc, Dak Lak, Qui Nhơn and Kontum air born by the US Air Force.  Major General Vĩnh Lộc, (a former Rover Scout) Commander of the 2sd Corps/Tactical Zone, presided the Opening Ceremony and gave  speech. 

--1968, The Viet Nam Government recognized Hội Hướng Đạo Việt Nam (The Boy Scout Of Vietnam Association) as a useful public organization of the Country and being treated equal to The Red Cross Association.

-- 1969, A Rover Moot was organized in Tùng Nguyên Training Camp, Đalat. More than 200 Rovers participated.

-- 1970, A National Jamboree was organized in Suối Tiên, Theme Giữ Vững (Tenability) to celebrate 40 years of Scouting. Camp chief: Mr. Trần Văn Lược. More than 4,000 Scouts and leaders participated. Prime Minister Trần Thiện Khiêm presided the Jamboree Opening Ceremony. The next day, President Nguyễn Văn Thiệu visited the Campsite. 4  Foreign Scout delegations attended: The BSA, The Scouts of ThaiLand, The Scouts of Australia and The Scouts of China. Viet Nam Girl Scouts  and Hướng Đạo Quân Đội (Military Scout) also attended this event. 

-- 1974, A National Jamboree was organized in Tam Bình (Thủ Đức).Theme: Tự Lực (Self-sufficiency) Camp Chief: Trần Văn Lược. More than 1,500 Scouts and Leaders participated. President Nguyễn Văn Thiệu presided the Jamboree opening ceremony and gave a speech. This was the Last Jamboree before The Communist took over South Viet Nam.

-- April 30, 1975: The Communist army toppled the South Viet Nam Government. The Boy Scouts of Viet Nam Association was disbanded and all property was confiscated.

6/ The Period of Revival in Overseas (1975- Present time)

-- At the fall of Saigon,  some Scout Leaders and Rovers who evacuated before the Communists took over, gathered together to establish Vietnamese Scout groups in many refugee camps as well as in the countries where they  resettled such as the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Belgium, England, Norway, and Netherland, etc. They still continue their missions to revive the Vietnamese Scouting Movement.

-- 1977, Tổ Chức Hướng Đạo Việt Nam Hải Ngoại (The Vietnamese Overseas Scouting) was organized in Portland. Secretary General: Nguyễn Quang Minh, Chairman: Mai Liệu. News Letters were published for communicating all Vietnamese Scout Leaders in the free world. Office located in Vietnam House at 10570 SE Cherry Blossom Dr. #6, Portland, Oregon  97216, USA.

-- 1978, Due to the misuse of the Man Power Fund, The Vietnam House was closed and Mr Minh was sentenced to 6 months in jail and 3 years under probation.

-- 1980, A meeting took place in Portland to celebrate 50 years of Vietnam Scouting. Mr. Trần Văn Khắc, Nguyễn Trung Thọai, Đỗ Quý Toàn in Canada & Mrs. Phan Nguyệt Minh in Texas, Mr. Trần Văn Đuờng,  Đinh Xuân Phức in Orange County and several Vietnamese Scouters (about 20) attended this meeting.

-- Numerous Vietnamese Boy Scout Troops were organized in the United Stated and in other countries.

-- 1981, Doctor Laszlo Nagy, General Secretary of the World Scout Bureau & Mr. James Sand, Director of the International Division of the BSA visited the base of Liên Đoàn Bạch Đằng in Little Saigon.

-- 1982, A first Basic Training Course for Vietnamese Scout Leaders was organized in Kiwanis Land, Garden Grove from April 3 to 4,1982. Course Leader:Tôn Thất Hy, Trainers:, Đỗ Ngọc Yến, Nguyễn Quang Minh, Đinh Xuân Phức, Nguyễn Văn Mỹ, Nguyễn Đức Quang, Nguyễn Văn Chương, Lữ Hùng, Trần Mạnh Kim, Nguyễn Thanh, Nguyễn Thế Thanh, Trần Mỹ Duyệt. 64 trainees participated.scouthistory2

 -- 1983, To satisfy the proposition of The World Scout Bureau in Geneva, in July, Mr. Trần Văn Khắc convened a Key Leaders Meeting in Costa Mesa, California from July 2-3,1983, to establish the International Central Committee of Vietnamese Scouting (ICCVS) with the presence of BSA and Girl Scout of the USA delegated.  Mr. Tran Van Khắc and Doctor Nguyễn Văn Thơ were elected as President and vice President of the ICCVS. Mr. Nguyễn Trung Thoại,  Secretary General, Mr. Trương Trọng Trác,  Assistant Secretary General, and Mr. Mai Xuân Tý, Treasurer. A constitution and by-laws were drafted and approved.

                       scouthistory3Costa Mesa Conference in july 1983

After the The Costa Mesa Conference was closed, The ICCVS was heartily recognized by the World Scout Bureau, BSA and Girl Scout of the USA.

--The ICCVS has organized and managed the International Vietnamese Jamboree named “Thẳng Tiến” (Advance Forward) as well as many other smaller camps and Jamborees. It has also organized Bach Ma and Wood Badge Training Course in USA, Canada, France, and Gilwell Park, England.

-- At the present time, The ICCVS has 5 Subdivisions in Canada, France, Germany, Australia and four regions in The United States.  

-- 1985, Trại Họp Bạn Thẳng Tiến I (The first International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting) took place in  Jambville, near Paris, France, from July 26 to 31,1985. Camp Chief: Nghiêm Văn Thạch. More than 100 participants came from USA, England, Canada, West Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway and Australia. Doctor Nguyễn Văn Thơ was elected as President of the ICCVS.

-- The Subdivision HĐVN in Canada was organized. Mr. Nguyễn Kim was elected as President in the first  year term (1985-1986). Doctor Nguyễn Tấn Hồng was elected for 2nd term. (1986-1988).

-- 1988, Trại Họp Bạn Thẳng Tiến II (The Second  International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting) took place in Ontario, Canada, from 21 to 28.7.1988. Camp Chief: Dr. Nguyễn Tấn Hồng. More than 500 participants.

-- 1989, Nhóm Tinh Thần Baden-Powell (The Baden-Powell Spirit Team) was organized in the USA by three Scouters Phan Như Ngân, Trần Văn Thao,  Lê Văn Ba.  Bản Tin Liên Lạc (The Information Bulletin) was published.

-- 1990, Trại Họp Bạn Thẳng Tiến III (The Third International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting) took place in Santa Clara, California, to celebrate 60 years of Viet Nam Scouting. Camp chief: Mr. Lý Khánh Hồng. More than 500 participants. The General Assembly accepted the new Scout law and revised the 1st Scout promise. Doctor Vinh Đao was appointed as the Vice President of the ICCVS.

-- 1991,  Scouter Hoàng Đạo Thúy, former General Commisioner of The Tonkin Boy Scouts Association held a meeting of  300 former Scouts in Hanoi.

-- Mr. Lê Phục Hưng, Leader Trainer of the National Trainning Team of Boy Scouts Canada, organized the  Tùng Nguyên 1 Scout Wood Bage Training Course in Toronto Canada. There were 12 trainees participated.

-- 1992, The Bach Ma Rover Training Course was organized in Will J. Reid Scout Camp, Long Beach. Camp Chief: Mai Liệu, Course Leader: Tôn Thất Hy. There were 53 trainees participated. The Bach Ma News letter published by then.

 -- 31-5-1993, Mr. Hoàng Đạo Thúy organized a “Họp Mặt Truyền Thống” (Traditional Meeting) in Hanoi from 29th to 31st May 1993 to celebrate the event that Mr. Ho Chi Minh became Honorary President of the Việt Nam Boy Scouts Association in 1946, with intention of reviving Scouting in Viet Nam. There were 300 participants (40 from the South VN). He created a National Scout Liaison Committee, but later the Communist government disapproved. This organization  was forced to dissolve.

-- 1993, Trại Họp Bạn Thẳng Tiến IV (The Fourth Thẳng Tiến International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting) took place in Le Breuil, France. Camp Chief: Vĩnh Đào. More than 196 participants. Doctor Vĩnh Đào was elected as President of the ICCVS. The outgoing president Nguyễn Văn Thơ,  was appointed as Adviser of the ICCVS.

-- The booklet “Nguyên Lý Hướng Đạo” (Scouting Principles) in Vietnamese language by Doctor Vĩnh Đào was published.

-- 1994, The Rover Wood Badge Training Course took place in Lost Valley Scout Reservation Camp,  California. Co Camp Chiefs: Vĩnh Đào & Lê Phục Hưng. Mr. Hưng, leader trainer from The Boy Scouts of Canada National Training Team, was also the Course Leader. 35 Trainees participated.

-- 1995, Trại Họp Bạn Thẳng Tiến V (The Fifth Thẳng Tiến International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting) took Place in Sydney, Australia. Camp Chief: Nguyễn Văn Thuất. More than 414 participants. Mr. Neil Westaway, President of the World Scout Committee, presided over the Opening Ceremony and addressed the meeting. Asia-Pacific Regional Director, Kim Kyu Young, also attended this event.                                          
-- Mr. Nguyễn Văn Thuất was appointed as Vice President of the ICCVS.

-- Doctor Nguyễn Văn Thơ was appointed as Chairman of the Adviser Team. Professor Mai Lieu and Mr. Nghiêm Văn Thạch were appointed as advisers. 

-- Mr. Nguyễn Trung Thoại organized the Văn Phòng Hướng Đạo Trưởng Niên (Adult Scout Liaison Office). Mr. Tran Van Thao & Mai Liệu received the honorable tittle “Tiên Chỉ” (co first eldermen of the village).

-- 1996, Mr. Le Phuc Hung, Leader Trainer of the National Training Team of Boy Scouts Canada in cooperation with the ICCVS, organized a Tung Nguyen 3 Wood Badge Training Course in Gilwell Park, England, from 15 to 24.8.1996. 52 trainees participated.

-- 9.9.1997, Doctor Vĩnh Đào and Mr. Phan Kim Phung, former Gia Dinh Council Commissioner from Viet Nam, were received in audience by Doctor Jacques Moreillon at World Scout Bureau in Geneva. The Secretary General proposed a way to help training Scout Leaders in VN.

-- 1998, Trại Họp Bạn Thẳng Tiến VI (The Sixth Thẳng Tiến International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting) took place in Fair Fax, Virginia from June 27th to July 1st, 1998. Camp Chief: Võ Thành Nhân. More than 1,200 participants. Mr. Kim Kyu Young, Asia Pacific Regional Director, attended the Jamboree as Honorary Guest. President Vinh Đao was reelected for one more term. Because of very poor health, Doctor Nguyen Van Tho was appointed as Honorary Adviser. Professor Mai Lieu became chairman of the Adviser Team. Mr. Tôn Thất Hy and Nguyễn Trung Thoại were appointed as Advisers of the ICCVS.

-- The Adult Scout Conference elected Mr. Nguyễn Trung Thoại as Văn Phòng Trưởng Văn Phòng Liên Lạc Hướng Đạo Trưởng Niên (Head of the Adult Scout Liaison Office), accepted Hệ Thống Tổ Chức Theo Làng Xóm (The Village and  Hamlet Organization System) and recommended Mr. Hoàng Ngọc Châu to be the head of Adult Scout Liaison Office in 2002. 

-- On 26 July 1998, Doctor Vinh Đao was cordially welcomed when he attended the 19th Asia Pacific Region Conference in Hong Kong. After reporting the outcome in Scouting of the ICCVS abroad and clandestine activities in Viet Nam, he was warmly applauded. Mr. Kim Kyu Young said: “The Asia Pacific Region will consider the ICCVS as an associate member.”

-- 1999, Mr. Võ Thành Nhân from Washington DC, represented the ICCVS attend  the Hong Kong Scouts Millennium Jamboree.

-- 2000, Trại Họp Bạn Miền Tây (The West Region International Rally) was organized in Santa Clara in three days from the 26th to the 30th of July, 2000 to celebrate  70 years of Viet Nam Scouting. Camp Chief: Trần Anh Kiệt. More than 400 participants. Doctor Vĩnh Đào was reelected one more term for two years until 2002.  DCC Lê Mộng Ngọ, former Camp Chief, was awarded Bắc Đẩu Bội Tinh (Polar Medal), the highest award of the ICCVS.

-- 2001, The 4th Tùng Nguyên Scout Wood Badge Training Course was organized in Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation, Florida from 2 to 9.6.2001. Course Leader: Nguyễn Tấn Đệ. 48 trainees participated.

-- Mr. Đỗ Phát Hai and Mr. Hoàng Ngọc Châu, represented The ICCVS at the 20th APR Conference in New Deli, India, from the 7th to 11th of October, 2001. Mr. Đỗ Phát Hai was invited to address on the plaform of the Conference. The  delegation of Thailand Scouts interviewed Mr. Hai and Mr. Châu about which member of the ICCVS would attend the next World Scout Jamboree in ThaiLand.

-- 2002, Trại Họp Bạn Thẳng Tiến VII (The Seventh Thẳng Tiến International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting) took Place in Houston, Texas from the 1st to the 5th of July, 2002. Camp Chief: Lưỡng Hoàng Nam. More than 1,100 Scouts and Leaders participated. Mr. Nguyễn Văn Thuất (Australia) was elected as President of the ICCVS. Mr. Hoàng Ngọc Châu took over the Văn Phòng Hướng Đạo Trưởng Niên (Adult Scout Liaison Office).

-- Khóa Huấn Luyện Văn Hóa Truyền Thống 1 (The 1st Cultural & Traditional Training Course) was organized  in Jambville, France, from the 1st to the 3rd of November, 2002. Course Leader: Vĩnh Đào. 30 trainees participated.

-- 2003, Khóa Huấn Luyện Văn Hóa Truyền Thống II (the 2nd Cutural & Traditional Training Course) was organized in Kurriong Wagga NSW Australia from the 5th to the 7th of March, 03. Course Leader: Nguyễn Mạnh Hà. 16 Trainees participated.

--ALT. Tiến Lộc from Viet Nam, attended the 21st Leader Trainer Training Course from  April 17th to 21st, 2003 in Gilwell Park Victoria, Australia.

-- Khóa  Huấn Luyện Văn Hóa Truyền Thống III (The Cultural & Traditional 3rd Training Course was   organized in Heissenstein, France, from 8 to 11.11.2003. Course Leader: Vinh Đào. 30 trainees  participated.

-- Khóa huấn luyện Truyền Thống IV was organized in Kiwani Land, Garden Grove, California from 26th To  29th December,  2003. Course Leader: Nguyễn Đức Lập. 31 Trainees participated.

-- On Tuesday, May, 18, 2004, The World Scout Bureau invited Doctor Vinh Đao, former President of the ICCVS, Mrs. Nguyễn Minh Hiền, Mr. Gia Binh Lafouasse, Commissioner of the Association of Scouts and Guides of Viet Nam in France, associated with the Federation of French Scouting, Mr. Mario Sica, former Italian Ambassador in Viet Nam to attend a meeting  to review (internally) the situation of Scouting in Viet Nam and establish a WSB plan of action for the possible reestablishment of the Movement in this country. After discussing, Doctor Eduardo Missoni, Secretary General decided to communicate and talk with the head of the permanent Mission of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam to the United Nations in Geneva, to discuss this issue, but his plan failed. The World Scout Bureau confirmed that the informal position of “Honorary Correspondent” granted to Rev. Nguyễn Quang Minh by the Asia Pacific Regional Office in 1991 had been cancelled by letters from the Secretary General on May 6th, 1992 and the Regional Director on May 31st, 1992.

-- 2004, After becoming president of the ICCVS for two years, in the end of May 2004, Mr. Nguyễn Văn Thuất and his wife made a visit to the Asia Pacific Scout  Regional Office in Manila, Philippines. He  was welcomed by Mr. Abdullah Rasheeh, Asia Pacific Regional Director. When  he paid a visit to the World Scout Bureau in Geneva, Switzerland, the Secretary General was out of town. He was greeted by Mr. Luc Panissod, Deputy Secretary General in  charge of the General Management of the World Scout Bureau.

-- Trại Họp Mặt Trưởng Niên và Hội Nghị Quốc Tế Trưởng HĐVN. (The Adult Scouts Meeting and  International Scout Leaders Conference) was organized in Fort Wideness, Orlando, Florida, from the 1st to the 6th of July 2004. Camp chief: Hoàng Ngọc Châu. More than 100  participants. 

-- Mr. Nguyễn Văn Thuất attended the 21st Asia Pacific  Regional Scout Conference in Bruinei as an observer of the Australian Scout delegation.

-- The Asia Pacific region invited Mr. Phạm Thanh Hiệp and Phan Đức Đô from Viet Nam to participate in the Leader Trainer Training Course in Brunei and attended the 21st Asia Pacific regional Conference as observers.

-- Mr. Pham Quang Thùy, Võ Thanh Thủy, Nguyễn Tuấn and Trần Minh Thiện from Viet Nam, participated in the Leader Trainer Training Course in Gilwell Park Melbourne, Australia, from the 24th to the 30th of March, 2005.

--On July 29,2005, Mr Trần Văn Lược, former General Commissioner of the Viet Nam Boy Scouts Association and nine Key Leaders attended the 25th Asia Pacific Region Pre-Jamboree in Sattahip, Thailand.

-- Khóa Huấn Luyện Tùng Nguyên V (The Fifth Tung Nguyen Wood Badge Training Course) was organized in Emeral Bay, Catalina Island, from the 2nd to the 9th of April, 2005. Course Leaders: Nguyễn Duy Việt. 37 trainees and 17 Trainer participated.

-- Khóa Huấn Luyện Văn Hóa Truyền Thống 5 (The Fifth Cultural & Traditional Training Course) was organized in Glenfield NSW, Australia from October, 1-2, 2005. Course Leader: Nguyễn Văn Thuất, 7 trainers and  16 Trainees participated.

-- 2006, The 25th Asia Pacific Scout Jamboree was organized in Sattahip, Thailand from the 28th of December to the 3rd of  January, 2006. Two Vietnamese Scout groups, namely, “Viet Nam Scout National Council” and “The Viet Nam Scouts” attended the Jamboree. They agreed to officially meet and work together to revive Scouting in Viet Nam. So they signed agreement in the witness of WSO and APR repesentatives.  Unfortunatly, when returning to Viet Nam, they forgot what they had signed and promised.

--Mr Tran Van Luoc convened a National Scout Leaders

Meeting in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai from October 14th to 15, 2006 to etablish Ban Dieu Hanh HDVN (The HDVN Administrative committee). There were 86 participants.

-- Khóa Huấn Luyện Văn Hóa Truyền Thống VI (The Sixth Cultural &Traditional Training Course was organized in Jambville France from the 25th  to the 27th of May, 2006. Course Leader: Trần Gia Binh. 13 Trainees and 6 Trainers participated.

-- Trại Họp Bạn Thẳng Tiến VIII (The Eighth Thẳng Tiến International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting) took place in Rancho Juripa Park, Riverside, California, from the 8th to the 14th of July, 2006. Camp Chief: Dương Tiến Đạt. More than 1,800 participants. Mr. Võ Thanh Nhân was elected as President of the ICCVS. Mr. Pham Duy Chieu as Finance controller. The Adult Scout elected Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Huy as head of the Liaison Office and Mr. Tran Tien San, Ton That Hy, Nguyen Van Đông, Dương Kim Sơn, Joseph Hanh Trần as Giám Sát Viên (Censurer).

-- 2007, The ICCVS cooperated with the Adult Scout Liaison Office to organize the 100 Years World Scouting Celeration ceremony at the Viet Nam Library on Brookhurst Avenue, Westminster, on Saturday, March 3rd, 2007, and in the Huntington Beach Library Park on Sunday, March 4th, 2007. Many former Scouts were invited to the events.

-- Khóa Huấn Luyện Văn Hóa Truyền Thống VII (The Seventh Cultural and Traditional Training Course) was organized in Washington DC from July 28th to August 3rd, 2007. Course Leader: Đỗ Phát Hai. 48 trainees participated.

-Khóa Huấn Luyện Văn Hóa Truyền Thống VIII (The Eighth Cultural and Traditional Training Course) was organized at State Park, Houston, Texas. Camp chief: Nguyễn Cao Bình, Course Leader: Đỗ Phát Hai. 15 trainers and 50 participants.

-- 2007
, Trại Hop Bạn Thế Giới (The 21st World Scout Jamboree) marks the Centenary of Scouting with over 40,000 Scouts and Leaders was organized in Hyland Park, Chemlsford, UK from July 27th to August 7th, 2007.

-- The ICCVS organized a delegation of 17 leaders and adult Scouts in the USA to visit the 21st World Scout Jamboree, Gilwell Park and Browsea Island in England, after attending a Centenary of Scouting Celebration with Vietnamese Scout Leaders in Berlin, Germany, and met some Vietnamese Scout Leaders in Paris, France.

-- The Bách Hợp Scout Jamboree was organized in Kỳ Vân, Long Hải, Vũng Tàu, Việt Nam, to celebrate 100 years World Scouting and 70 years of Viet Nam Scouting, from September 16th to 19th, 2007. Camp Chief: Mr. Trần Văn Lược. More than 1,200 leaders and Scouts participated.

-- 2008, Mr. Abdulla Rasheed, AP Regional Director and Mr. Prakorb Mukyura, member of APR committee, visited Viet Nam in two days from March 2nd to the 4th, 2008.  In the meeting with Scout Leaders in Saigon City, they advised them 5 conditions:

- Must gather together into one group.

-  Must abide the world Scout Constitution. That means the Scout promise must show loyalty not only to the country, but also to God.

-  Scout and leaders abroad cannot participate.

- No religious Scout Association such as Catholic Scout Association or Buddhist Scout Association accepted.

- Must draw up the constitution  and send to APR office within 3 months.

After they left Saigon, there was nothing change.

-- On Sunday, July 12, 2008, the ICCVS organized a meeting in the Huntington Beach Library Park  and Anaheim Girl Scout Program Center on Sunday, July 12, 2008, to celebrate 25 years of the Costa Mesa Conference. The International Central Committy of Vietnamese Scouting awarded Mr. Tôn Thất Hy and Nguyễn Đức Lập the Bắc Đẩu Huân Chương (Polar Medal) in recognition of their outstanding services of the most exeptional character to Vietnamese Scouting. Mr. Trần Gia Hòa and Mr. Phùng Mạnh Tâm, were also awarded the Bách Hợp (fleur de Lis Medal) in this event.

--Khóa Huấn Luyện Văn Hóa Truyền Thống IX (The Ninth Cultural & Traditional Training Course) was organized in Glenfield Scout Activity Centre Cambridge Avenue, Glen field BSW, 2167 from  11 to 13 July 2008. Course Leader: Nguyễn Văn Thuất. 44 participants.

-- On August, 19, 2009, Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Huy resigned from his post and passed over the Adult Scout Liaison office to Mr. Nguyễn Tiến Minh in the present of Mr. Trần Tiễn San, Chairman of the Sensurer committee.

-- Khóa Huấn Luyện Cơ Bản và Truyền Thống ( The Basic Scouting & Traditional Training Course) was organized in Agawam Camp BSA Clinton Valley Council, Lake Orion,  Michigan, from the 10th to the 12th of October, 2008. Course Leader: Lê Đức Phẩm. Đỗ Quốc Tuyển, Senior Patrol Leader. 22 participants.

-- 2009, Trại Họp Bạn Thẳng Tiến IX (The Ninth Thẳng Tiến International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting) was  well organized with a very colorful opening ceremony in San Lorenzo County Park, King City, California, from 10th to 16th July 2009. Camp chief: Trần Anh Kiệt. There were 2,800 paticipants. The ICCVS General Assembly  decided the Tenth Thẳng Tiến International Jamboree  will take place in Houston, Texas, in 2014. The election of new President of ICCVS will be carried out at the next General Assembly in Canada.

-- In the Adult Scout meeting, Mr. Nguyễn Tiến Minh’s term of office was extended for one more year. Mr. Nguyễn Đình Tuấn and Nguyễn Thanh Bình were nominated to take charge of the Bản Tin Liên Lac (Information Bulletin). The election of new head office will be carried out at the next metting in Canada. The appellation of Ban Giám Sát (Supervisory Board) will be changed to Ban Cố Vấn (Advisory Board) but its duty was not changed.

-- A Vietnam Scout Delegation of 87 members attended the 26th Asia Pacific Region Scout Jamboree in Makiling, Laguna, Philippines, from December 28th, 2009 to January 3rd, 2010. Leader of the delegation: Phạm Quang Thùy.

There were 14,000 participants from Australia, Bhutan, Brunei, Darrussalam, Scouts of China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Macau, joined by Scouts from Canada, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA and Viet Nam.

-- 2010,  In order to celebrate the 80 years of Viet Nam Scouting, The ICCVS General Assembly met in Tamaracouta Montreal, Canada, from July 8th to 11th, 2010 and re-elected Mr. Võ Thành Nhân as President of the ICCVS and Mr. Pham Duy Chiêu as Financial Controller. Doctor Nguyễn Tấn Hồng, former chairman of the Subdivision of the ICCVS in Canada, was awarded Bắc Đẩu Bội Tinh (Polar medal). Mr. Nguyễn Minh Phúc was awarded Bach Hợp Huân Chương (Fleur de Lis Medal).

--The Bách Việt Scout Jamboree  was organized in Đại Nam, Bình Dương, from July 22 to 25,2010 to celebrated 80 years of Việt Nam Scouting. Honorary Camp Chief: Trần Văn Lược. 1699 participants.

-- 49 Scout Leaders from Viet Nam participated in a Wood Badge Training Course in Mt Makiling, Laguna, Philippines, from September 1st to 9th, 2010. The course was organized solely by the Asia-Pacific Regional Office, with the assistance of Boy Scouts of the Philippines with the generous financial contribution of Bill Philips of Equador.

-2011,  On Saturday, March 25, Doctor Vĩnh Đào, former president of the ICCVS introduce the book “Hoa Huệ bên hồ Leman” in the meeting room of the Viện Việt Học (Institude of Vietnamese Studies), 15355 Brookhurst St. Westminster, Orangge County, with retells the story of 25 years walking beside WOSM (1965-2010).

--Wood Badge Course for Vietnamese Scout Leaders

40 Scout Leaders with three facilitators from different parts of Viêt Nam took part Wood Badge Course Organized by the WOSM/APR in collaboration with the BSP from May 25th to 31th,2011 in Makiling Mount, Laguna, Philippines. A Regional Training team from Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Philippines and WOSM helped to facilitate the course.

--Mr Nguyễn Đình Tuấn was elected as head of the Liaison Office of the Adult Scout Liaison Office in the                                                                                                                               2011-2015 term and undertook the Bản Tin Liên Lạc (Information Bullerin). There were 13 Adult Scout units, but in the election, only 5 units had the right to elect.

--Khóa Huấn Luyện Văn Hóa Truyền Thống X (The 10th Cultural &Traditional Training Course) was organized in Tamaracouta, Quebec, Canada, from October 7th to 9th, 2011. Camp Chief: Trần Thanh Trang, Course Leaders: Lê Đức Phẩm. Trainers: Võ Thành Nhân, Văn Duy Quang, Đỗ Quốc Tuyến, Võ Thiện Tòan, Đỗ Phát Hai, Nguyễn Cao Bình, Lê Đức Phẩm, Trần Xuân Đức, Nguyễn Trí Tuệ. Nguyễn Dức Thăng, Bùi Thế Hưng. 21 participants.

--Khóa Huấn Luyện Văn Hóa Truyền Thống XI (The  Eleventh Cultural&Traditional Training Course was organized in in San Jose, California, from October 28th to 30th, 2011. Course Leader: Trần Anh Kiệt 24 trainers. 68 participants came from Sacramento and Santa Jose.

--2012, In order to promote the Scouting program to the Vietnamese Community in Orange County, the ICCVS organized a small booth in the New Year Fairground at Garden Grove Park from January 27th to 30th, 2012.

--Vietnamese Scout Leaders trained

With the generous support of Mr Bill Philips of Equador, The APR organized a Third Wood Badge Training Course for Vietnamese Scout leaders in Makiling Mount, Laguna, Philippines from September 27th to October 03rd, 2011. There were 30 trainees participated. The Course Leader was Mr.   Yasser F. Sarona, Training Commissioner of the Philippines Scout Association,      Dr Cyrus Wadia (India), SK Camrul Hasan (Bangladesh), Mr. Thian Hiong Boon (APR Office) and some trainers from the Philippines, helped facilitate the Training Course.

--Khóa Huấn Luyện Văn Hóa Truyền Thống XII (The 12th Cultural & Traditional Training Course) was organized at Kiwanis Land in Garden Grove, Orange County, California. Camp chief: Nguyễn Tư Nhân, Course Director: Lê Đức Phẩm.  70 participants, 15 Trainers and Stap.


The Official Boy Scouts Song

Hướng Đạo Hành Khúc


Raise up the Scout flag, heroic and bright

Together we go to build a new life

Joyfully we sing and hike on unfamiliar trails

We promise to advance directely and overcome difficulty

Brothers! Forge the ready arm

Brothers! Forge the sturdy heart

Do not forget this appeal

Brothers! The Country waits for you

Brothers! Always respect the great ideal

We promise to go forward with patience

The BS of Viet Nam light the road with the sacred torch

We will never be discouraged

Forge the fervent soul to give to your country

(Which is) the families of thousands of men

Fervently beauty so society

All of us have only one promise.


                                    Gather information & relate

                                                 Cọp Gia Lai

                                                 Tôn Thất Hy  




- Hướng Đạo Lúc Khởi Thủy, by Võ Thành Minh.

- Lịch sử Hướng Đạo Việt Nam by Trần Văn Khắc.

- Hướng Đạo Việt Nam, by Tôn Thất Đông.

- Lịch sử HĐVN (tư liệu Đạo Xuân Hòa).

-  Kỷ Yếu HĐVN 1930-1945, Phạm Văn Nhơn

- Vietnamese Scouting Information Pamplet prepare by Civic Action Branch New Life Development Division Civil Operation and Revolutionary Development Support.


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