Liên Đoàn Camp at Malibu Creek - May 2012

Lien-Doan Huong-Dao Van-Lang is a Vietnamese multi-level Scouting unit.
It was formed on May14th, 2004 in the City of Westminster, California.
It is registered under number 2454 with the GSUSA and number 1454 with the BSA.

Lien-Doan Huong-Dao Van-Lang includes:
Troop Co Bac 2454,
Crew Lac-Long 1454,
Troop Lac-Viet 1454
and Pack Lac-Hong 1454.

Information about Lien-Doan Huong-Dao Van-Lang regular meetings:

Date: Every Saturday

Time: From 9 AM to 12 PM

Location: Park West Park, Westminster City, California, USA
(on McFadden Ave., between Newland Ave. and Beach Blvd.)

Any inquiry should be addressed to:

Liên Đoàn Trưởng:  Phong Nhã Phạm
Liên Đoàn Phó Nội Vụ:  Tr. Vượng Minh Võ
Liên Đoàn Phó Ngoại Vụ:  Tr. Tân T. Nguyên
Girl Scouts (Chim Xám / Hạc Trắng):  Liểu Trần
Cub Scouts (Sói Già):  Vượng Võ
Boy Scouts (Thiêu Trưởng):  Phong Nhã Phạm
Crew Advisor (Thanh Trưởng):  Tr. Việt Pham
Committee Chairpersons (Đại Diện Phụ Huynh):  Thái A, Tân Nguyễn, Lương Trần
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